47 CFR § 13.213 - COLEM qualifications.

§ 13.213 COLEM qualifications.

No entity may serve as a COLEM unless it has entered into a written agreement with the FCC. In order to be eligible to be a COLEM, the entity must:

(a) Agree to abide by the terms of the agreement;

(b) Be capable of serving as a COLEM;

(c) Agree to coordinate examinations for one or more types of commercial radio operator licenses and/or endorsements;

(d) Agree to assure that, for any examination, every examinee eligible under these rules is registered without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin or membership (or lack thereof) in any organization;

(e) Agree to make any examination records available to the FCC, upon request.

(f) Agree not to administer an examination to an employee, relative, or relative of an employee.