47 CFR § 2.107 - Radio astronomy station notification.

§ 2.107 Radio astronomy station notification.

(a) Pursuant to No. 11.12 of Article 11 to the Radio Regulations, operators of radio astronomy stations desiring international recognition of their use of specific radio astronomy frequencies for reception, should file the following information with the Commission for inclusion in the Master International Frequency Register:

(1) The characteristics of radio astronomy stations specified in Annex 2 of Appendix 4 to the Radio Regulations.

(2) The name, mailing address, and email of the operator.

(b) The permanent discontinuance of observations, or any change to the information above, should also be filed with the Commission.

(c) Observations being conducted on frequencies or frequency bands not allocated to the radio astronomy service should be reported as in paragraph (a) of this section for information purposes. Information in this category will not be submitted for entry in the Master International Frequency Register and protection from interference will not be afforded such operations by stations in other services.

[49 FR 2373, Jan. 19, 1984, as amended at 85 FR 38739, June 26, 2020]

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