47 CFR § 2.915 - Grant of application.

§ 2.915 Grant of application.

(a) A Commission recognized TCB will grant an application for certification if it finds from an examination of the application and supporting data, or other matter which it may officially notice, that:

(1) The equipment is capable of complying with pertinent technical standards of the rule part(s) under which it is to be operated as well as other applicable requirements; and

(2) A grant of the application would serve the public interest, convenience and necessity.

(b) Grants will be made in writing showing the effective date of the grant and any special condition(s) attaching to the grant.

(c) Certification shall not attach to any equipment, nor shall any equipment authorization be deemed effective, until the application has been granted.

(d) Grants will be from the date of publication on the Commission Web site and shall show any special condition(s) attaching to the grant. The official copy of the grant shall be maintained on the Commission Web site.

(e) The grant shall identify the approving TCB and the Commission as the issuing authority.

(f) In cases of a dispute the Commission will be the final arbiter.

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