47 CFR § 201.0 - Background.

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§ 201.0 Background.

National policy with respect to the conservation, allocation and use of the Nation's telecommunications resources during crises and emergencies is set forth in Executive Order 12472. The following parts of this chapter address specific responsibilities with respect to management of telecommunications resources and related procedures which bear upon provision, restoration and continuity of telecommunications services during crises and emergencies. In doing so, the chapter encompasses both national security and emergency preparedness activities, consistent with Executive Order 12472. This concept of national security and emergency preparedness telecommunications services (as defined in § 201.2(g)) includes crises that do not necessarily entail serious degradation of, or serious threats to, national security. It therefore is a broader concept than the term “national security emergency preparedness activities” in Executive Order 12656, which concerns only national security emergencies, and preparedness activities necessarily related to such emergencies.