47 CFR § 213.1 - Background and purpose.

§ 213.1 Background and purpose.

(a) The National Security Council and the Federal Communications Commission have agreed upon a precedence system for the expeditious handling of messages and calls transmitted over Government and public correspondence facilities in all types of situations from peacetime to massive nuclear attack. Effectuation of that system requires that the Director issue a circular and that the Commission concurrently issue an order prescribing the standards, procedures, policies, and regulations that together, constitute this single integrated precedence system.

(b) In conformity with that agreement the National Security Council is issuing this circular the purpose of which is to prescribe, on behalf of the President, that part of those standards, procedures, policies, and regulations which are within the cognizance of the NSC. No significance should be attached to the fact that slightly different terms are used in their circular from those used in the companion order of the FCC. Those differences result from differences in terms in the basic legal authorities of the director and the Commission rather than from an intent to denote a distinction in purpose or effect.