47 CFR § 24.1 - Basis and purpose.

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§ 24.1 Basis and purpose.

This section contains the statutory basis for this part of the rules and provides the purpose for which this part is issued.

(a) Basis. The rules for the personal communications services (PCS) in this part are promulgated under the provisions of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, that vests authority in the Federal Communications Commission to regulate radio transmission and to issue licenses for radio stations.

(b) Purpose. This part states the conditions under which portions of the radio spectrum are made available and licensed for PCS.

(c) Scope. The rules in this part apply only to stations authorized under this part. Rules in subparts D and E apply only to stations authorized under those subparts.

[58 FR 59183, Nov. 8, 1993. Redesignated at 59 FR 18499, Apr. 19, 1994, and amended at 59 FR 32854, June 24, 1994]