47 CFR § 24.239 - Cost-sharing requirements for broadband PCS.

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§ 24.239 Cost-sharing requirements for broadband PCS.

Frequencies in the 1850–1990 MHz band listed in § 101.147(c) of this chapter have been allocated for use by PCS. In accordance with procedures specified in §§ 101.69 through 101.81 of this chapter, PCS entities (both licensed and unlicensed) are required to relocate the existing Fixed Microwave Services (FMS) licensees in these bands if interference to the existing FMS operations would occur. All PCS entities who benefit from spectrum clearance by other PCS entities or a voluntarily relocating microwave incumbent, must contribute to such relocation costs. PCS entities may satisfy this requirement by entering into private cost-sharing agreements or agreeing to terms other than those specified in § 24.243. However, PCS entities are required to reimburse other PCS entities or voluntarily relocating microwave incumbents that incur relocation costs and are not parties to the alternative agreement. In addition, parties to a private cost-sharing agreement may seek reimbursement through the clearinghouse (as discussed in § 24.241) from PCS entities that are not parties to the agreement. The cost-sharing plan is in effect during all phases of microwave relocation specified in § 101.69 of this chapter. If a licensee in the Broadband PCS Service enters into a spectrum leasing arrangement (as set forth in part 1, subpart X of this chapter) and the spectrum lessee triggers a cost-sharing obligation, the licensee is the PCS entity responsible for satisfying the cost-sharing obligations under §§ 24.239 through 24.253.

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