47 CFR § 24.431 - Mutually exclusive applications.

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§ 24.431 Mutually exclusive applications.

(a) The Commission will consider applications to be mutually exclusive if their conflicts are such that the grant of one application would effectively preclude by reason of harmful electrical interference, or other practical reason, the grant of one or more of the other applications. The Commission will presume “harmful electrical interference” to mean interference which would result in a material impairment to service rendered to the public despite full cooperation in good faith by all applicants or parties to achieve reasonable technical adjustments which would avoid electrical conflict.

(b) Mutually exclusive applications filed on Form 175 for the initial provision of narrowband PCS service are subject to competitive bidding in accordance with the procedures in subpart F of this part and in 47 CFR part 1, subpart Q.

(c) An application will be entitled to comparative consideration with one or more conflicting applications only if the Commission determines that such comparative consideration will serve the public interest.