47 CFR § 25.275 - Particulars of operation.

§ 25.275 Particulars of operation.

(a) Radio station authorizations issued under this part will normally specify only the frequency bands authorized for transmission and/or reception of the station.

(b) When authorized frequency bands are specified in the station authorization, the licensee is authorized to transmit any number of r.f. carriers on any discrete frequencies within an authorized frequency band in accordance with the other terms and conditions of the authorization and the requirements of this part. Specific r.f. carrier frequencies within the authorized frequency band shall be selected by the licensee to avoid unacceptable levels of interference being caused to other earth, space or terrestrial stations. Any coordination agreements, both domestic and international, concerning specific frequency usage constraints, including non-use of any particular frequencies within the frequency bands listed in the station authorization, are considered to be conditions of the station authorization.

(c) A license for a transmitting earth station will normally specify only the r.f. carriers having the highest e.i.r.p. density, the narrowest bandwidth, and the largest bandwidth authorized for transmission from that station. Unless otherwise specified in the station authorization, the licensee is authorized to transmit any other type of carrier not specifically listed which does not exceed the highest e.i.r.p., e.i.r.p. density and bandwidth prescribed for any listed emission.

(d) Only the most sensitive emission(s) for which protection is being afforded from interference in the authorized receive frequency band(s) will be specified in the station authorization.

(e) Transmission from an earth station of an unmodulated carrier at a power level sufficient to saturate a satellite transponder is prohibited, except as consented to by the space station licensee to determine transponder performance characteristics.

[58 FR 13421, Mar. 11, 1993, as amended at 81 FR 55349, Aug. 18, 2016]