47 CFR § 25.280 - Inclined orbit operations.

§ 25.280 Inclined orbit operations.

(a) Satellite operators may commence operation in inclined orbit mode without obtaining prior Commission authorization provided that the Commission is notified by letter within 30 days after the last north-south station keeping maneuver. The notification shall include:

(1) The operator's name;

(2) The date of commencement of inclined orbit operation;

(3) The initial inclination;

(4) The rate of change in inclination per year; and

(5) The expected end-of-life of the satellite accounting for inclined orbit operation, and the maneuvers specified under § 25.283 of the Commission's rules.

(b) Licensees operating in inclined-orbit are required to:

(1) Periodically correct the satellite attitude to achieve a stationary spacecraft antenna pattern on the surface of the Earth and centered on the satellite's designated service area;

(2) Control all electrical interference to adjacent satellites, as a result of operating in an inclined orbit, to levels not to exceed that which would be caused by the satellite operating without an inclined orbit;

(3) Not claim protection in excess of the protection that would be received by the satellite network operating without an inclined orbit; and

(4) Continue to maintain the space station at the authorized longitude orbital location in the geostationary satellite arc with the appropriate east-west station-keeping tolerance.

[69 FR 54587, Sept. 9, 2004]