47 CFR § 27.58 - Interference to BRS/EBS receivers.

§ 27.58 Interference to BRS/ EBS receivers.

(a) WCS licensees shall bear full financial obligation to remedy interference to BRS/ EBS block downconverters if all of the following conditions are met:

(1) The complaint is received by the WCS licensee prior to February 20, 2002;

(2) The BRS/ EBS downconverter was installed prior to August 20, 1998;

(3) The WCS fixed or land station transmits at 50 or more watts peak EIRP;

(4) The BRS/ EBS downconverter is located within a WCS transmitter's free space power flux density contour of −34 dBW/m 2; and

(5) The BRS/ EBS customer or licensee has informed the WCS licensee of the interference within one year from the initial operation of the WCS transmitter or within one year from any subsequent power increases at the WCS station.

(b) Resolution of the complaint shall be at no cost to the complainant.

(c) Two or more WCS licensees collocating their antennas on the same tower shall assume shared responsibility for remedying interference complaints within the area determined by paragraph (a)(4) of this section unless an offending station can be readily determined and then that station shall assume full financial responsibility.

(d) If the WCS licensee cannot otherwise eliminate interference caused to BRS/ EBS reception, then that licensee must cease operations from the offending WCS facility.

(e) At least 30 days prior to commencing operations from any new WCS transmission site or with increased power from any existing WCS transmission site, a WCS licensee shall notify all BRS/ EBS licensees in or through whose licensed service areas they intend to operate of the technical parameters of the WCS transmission facility. WCS and BRS/ EBS licensees are expected to coordinate voluntarily and in good faith to avoid interference problems and to allow the greatest operational flexibility in each other's operations.

[62 FR 16498, Apr. 7, 1997, as amended at 69 FR 72034, Dec. 10, 2004]