47 CFR § 30.405 - Transmitter power limitations.

§ 30.405 Transmitter power limitations.

On any authorized frequency, the average power delivered to an antenna in this service must be the minimum amount of power necessary to carry out the communications desired. Application of this principle includes, but is not to be limited to, requiring a licensee who replaces one or more of its antennas with larger antennas to reduce its antenna input power by an amount appropriate to compensate for the increased primary lobe gain of the replacement antenna(s). In no event shall the average equivalent isotropically radiated power (EIRP), as referenced to an isotropic radiator, exceed the following:

Maximum Allowable EIRP

Frequency band (MHz) Fixed (dBW)
27,500-28,350 1 + 55
38,600-40,000 + 55

1 For Point-to-multipoint user stations authorized in these bands, the EIRP shall not exceed 55 dBw or 42 dBw/MHz.