47 CFR § 32.3300 - Accumulated depreciation - nonoperating.

§ 32.3300 Accumulated depreciation - nonoperating.

(a) This account shall include the accumulated amortization and depreciation associated with the investment contained in Account 2006, Nonoperating Plant.

(b) This account shall be credited with amortization and depreciation amounts concurrently charged to Account 7300, Nonoperating income and expense.

(c) When nonoperating plant not previously used in telecommunications service is disposed of, this account shall be charged with the amount previously credited hereto with respect to such property and the book cost of the property so retired less the amount chargeable to this account and less the value of the salvage recovered or the proceeds from the sale of the property shall be included in Account 7300, Nonoperating income and expense. In case the property had been used in telecommunications service previous to its inclusion in Account 2006, Nonoperating Plant, the amount accrued for depreciation thereon after its retirement from telecommunications service shall be charged to this account and credited to Account 3100, Accumulated depreciation, and the accounting for its retirement from Account 2006 shall be in accordance with that applicable to telecommunications plant retired.

[51 FR 43499, Dec. 2, 1986, as amended at 59 FR 46930, Sept. 13, 1994; 67 FR 5688, Feb. 6, 2002]