47 CFR § 32.4100 - Net current deferred operating income taxes.

§ 32.4100 Net current deferred operating income taxes.

(a) This account shall include the balance of income tax expense related to current items from regulated operations which have been deferred to later periods as a result of the normalized method of accounting for tax differentials authorized by this Commission and not provided for elsewhere.

(b) As regulated assets or liabilities which generated the deferred income tax are reclassified from long-term or noncurrent status to current, the appropriate deferred income tax shall be reclassified from Account 4340, Net Noncurrent Deferred Operating Income Taxes, to this account.

(c) This account shall be debited or credited with the amount being debited or credited to Account 7250, Provision For Deferred Operating Income Taxes - Net, in accordance with that account's description and § 32.22 of subpart B.

(d) The classification of deferred income taxes as current or noncurrent shall follow the classification of the asset or liability that gave rise to the deferred income tax. If there is no related asset or liability, classification shall be based on the expected turnaround of the temporary differences.

(e) Subsidiary record categories shall be maintained in order that the company may separately report the amounts contained herein that are property related and those that are nonproperty related. Such subsidiary record categories shall be reported as required by part 43 of this Commission's Rules and Regulations.

[51 FR 43499, Dec. 2, 1986, as amended at 59 FR 9419, Feb. 28, 1994]