47 CFR § 32.4130 - Other current liabilities.

§ 32.4130 Other current liabilities.

This account shall include:

(a) The amount of advance billing creditable to revenue accounts in future months; also advance payments made by prospective customers prior to the establishment of service. Amounts included in this account shall be credited to the appropriate revenue accounts in the months in which the service is rendered or cleared from this account as refunds are made.

(b) The amount (including any obligations for premiums) of long-term debt matured and unpaid without any specific agreement for extension of maturity, including unpresented bonds drawn for redemption through the operation of sinking and redemption fund agreements.

(c) The current portion of obligations applicable to property obtained under finance leases.

(d) The amount of wages, compensated absences, interest on indebtedness of the company, dividends on capital stock, and rents accrued to the date for which the balance sheet is made, but not payable until after that date. Accruals shall be maintained so as to show separately the amount and nature of the items accrued to the date of the balance sheet.

(e) Matured rents, dividends, interest payable under monthly settlements on short-term loans, advances, and open accounts shall be included in Account 4000.

(f) All other liabilities of current character which are not included in Account 4000 through 4110.

[67 FR 5689, Feb. 6, 2002, as amended at 84 FR 4730, Feb. 19, 2019]