47 CFR § 5.3 - Scope of service.

§ 5.3 Scope of service.

Stations operating in the Experimental Radio Service will be permitted to conduct the following type of operations:

(a) Experimentations in scientific or technical radio research.

(b) Experimentations in the broadcast services.

(c) Experimentations under contractual agreement with the United States Government, or for export purposes.

(d) Communications essential to a research project.

(e) Technical demonstrations of equipment or techniques.

(f) Field strength surveys.

(g) Demonstration of equipment to prospective purchasers by persons engaged in the business of selling radio equipment.

(h) Testing of equipment in connection with production or regulatory approval of such equipment.

(i) Testing of medical devices that use RF wireless technology or communications functions for diagnosis, treatment, or patient monitoring.

(j) Development of radio technique, equipment, operational data or engineering data, including field or factory testing or calibration of equipment, related to an existing or proposed radio service.

(k) Product development and market trials.

(l) Marketing of equipment designed to operate only on frequencies above 95 GHz.

(m) Types of experiments that are not specifically covered under paragraphs (a) through (l) of this section will be considered upon demonstration of need for such additional types of experiments.

[78 FR 25162, Apr. 29, 2013, as amended at 84 FR 25690, June 4, 2019]