47 CFR § 52.31 - Deployment of long-term database methods for number portability by CMRS providers.

§ 52.31 Deployment of long-term database methods for number portability by CMRS providers.

(a) By November 24, 2003, all covered CMRS providers must provide a long-term database method for number portability, including the ability to support roaming, in the 100 largest MSAs, as defined in § 52.21(k), in compliance with the performance criteria set forth in section 52.23(a) of this part, in switches for which another carrier has made a specific request for the provision of number portability, subject to paragraph (a)(1) of this section. A licensee may have more than one CMRS system, but only the systems that satisfy the definition of covered CMRS are required to provide number portability.

(1) Any procedure to identify and request switches for development of number portability must comply with the following criteria:

(i) Any wireline carrier that is certified (or has applied for certification) to provide local exchange service in a state, or any licensed CMRS provider, must be permitted to make a request for deployment of number portability in that state;

(ii) Carries requesting deployment in the 100 largest MSAs by November 24, 2003 must submit requests by February 24, 2003.

(iii) A covered CMRS provider must make available upon request to any interested parties a list of its switches for which number portability has been requested and a list of its switches for which number portability has not been requested;

(iv) After November 24, 2003, a covered CMRS provider must deploy number portability in additional switches serving the 100 largest MSAs upon request within the following time frames:

(A) For remote switches supported by a host switch equipped for portability (“Equipped Remote Switches”), within 30 days;

(B) For switches that require software but not hardware changes to provide portability (“Hardware Capable Switches”), within 60 days;

(C) For switches that require hardware changes to provide portability (“Capable Switches Requiring Hardware”), within 180 days; and

(D) For switches not capable of portability that must be replaced (“Non-Capable Switches”), within 180 days.

(v) Carriers must be able to request deployment in any wireless switch that serves any area within the MSA, even if the wireless switch is outside that MSA, or outside any of the MSAs identified in the Appendix to this part.

(2) By November 24, 2002, all covered CMRS providers must be able to support roaming nationwide.

(b) By December 31, 1998, all covered CMRS providers must have the capability to obtain routing information, either by querying the appropriate database themselves or by making arrangements with other carriers that are capable of performing database queries, so that they can deliver calls from their networks to any party that has retained its number after switching from one telecommunications carrier to another.

(c) [Reserved]

(d) In the event a carrier subject to paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section is unable to meet the Commission's deadlines for implementing a long-term number portability method, it may file with the Commission at least 60 days in advance of the deadline a petition to extend the time by which implementation in its network will be completed. A carrier seeking such relief must demonstrate through substantial, credible evidence the basis for its contention that it is unable to comply with paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section. Such requests must set forth:

(1) The facts that demonstrate why the carrier is unable to meet our deployment schedule;

(2) A detailed explanation of the activities that the carrier has undertaken to meet the implementation schedule prior to requesting an extension of time;

(3) An identification of the particular switches for which the extension is requested;

(4) The time within which the carrier will complete deployment in the affected switches; and

(5) A proposed schedule with milestones for meeting the deployment date.

(e) The Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, may establish reporting requirements in order to monitor the progress of covered CMRS providers implementing number portability, and may direct such carriers to take any actions necessary to ensure compliance with this deployment schedule.

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