47 CFR § 54.1009 - Annual reports.

§ 54.1009 Annual reports.

(a) A winning bidder authorized to receive Mobility Fund Phase I support shall submit an annual report no later than July 1 in each year for the five years after it was so authorized. Each annual report shall include the following, or reference the inclusion of the following in other reports filed with the Commission for the applicable year:

(1) Electronic Shapefiles site coverage plots illustrating the area newly reached by mobile services at a minimum scale of 1:240,000;

(2) A list of relevant census blocks previously deemed unserved, with road miles and total resident population and resident population residing in areas newly reached by mobile services (based on Census Bureau data and estimates);

(3) If any such testing has been conducted, data received or used from drive tests, or scattered site testing in areas where drive tests are not feasible, analyzing network coverage for mobile services in the area for which support was received;

(4) Certification that the applicant offers service in supported areas at rates that are within a reasonable range of rates for similar service plans offered by mobile wireless providers in urban areas;

(5) Any applicable certifications and showings required in § 54.1004; and

(6) Updates to the information provided in § 54.1005(b)(2)(v).

(b) The party submitting the annual report must certify that they have been authorized to do so by the winning bidder.

(c) Each annual report shall be submitted to the Office of the Secretary of the Commission, clearly referencing GN Docket No. 20-104; the Administrator; and the relevant state commissions, relevant authority in a U.S. Territory, or Tribal governments, as appropriate.

[76 FR 73877, Nov. 29, 2011, as amended at 77 FR 30915, May 24, 2012; 85 FR 34527, June 5, 2020]