47 CFR 54.401 - Lifeline defined.

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§ 54.401 Lifeline defined.
(a) As used in this subpart, Lifeline means a non-transferable retail service offering:
(1) For which qualifying low-income consumers pay reduced charges as a result of application of the Lifeline support amount described in § 54.403; and
(2) That provides qualifying low-income consumers with voice telephony service as specified in § 54.101(a). Toll limitation service does not need to be offered for any Lifeline service that does not distinguish between toll and non-toll calls in the pricing of the service. If an eligible telecommunications carrier charges Lifeline subscribers a fee for toll calls that is in addition to the per month or per billing cycle price of the subscribers' Lifeline service, the carrier must offer toll limitation service at no charge to its subscribers as part of its Lifeline service offering.
(b) Eligible telecommunications carriers may allow qualifying low-income consumers to apply Lifeline discounts to any residential service plan that includes voice telephony service, including bundled packages of voice and data services; and plans that include optional calling features such as, but not limited to, caller identification, call waiting, voicemail, and three-way calling. Eligible telecommunications carriers may also permit qualifying low-income consumers to apply their Lifeline discount to family shared calling plans.
(c) Eligible telecommunications carriers may not collect a service deposit in order to initiate Lifeline service for plans that:
(1) Do not charge subscribers additional fees for toll calls; or
(2) That charge additional fees for toll calls, but the subscriber voluntarily elects toll limitation service.
(d) When an eligible telecommunications carrier is designated by a state commission, the state commission shall file or require the eligible telecommunications carrier to file information with the Administrator demonstrating that the carrier's Lifeline plan meets the criteria set forth in this subpart and describing the terms and conditions of any voice telephony service plans offered to Lifeline subscribers, including details on the number of minutes provided as part of the plan, additional charges, if any, for toll calls, and rates for each such plan. To the extent the eligible telecommunications carrier offers plans to Lifeline subscribers that are generally available to the public, it may provide summary information regarding such plans, such as a link to a public Web site outlining the terms and conditions of such plans. Lifeline assistance shall be made available to qualifying low-income consumers as soon as the Administrator certifies that the carrier's Lifeline plan satisfies the criteria set out in this subpart.
(e) Consistent with § 52.33(a)(1)(i)(C) of this chapter, eligible telecommunications carriers may not charge Lifeline customers a monthly number-portability charge.
[77 FR 12967, Mar. 2, 2012]

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      Final rule.
      Effective March 6, 2015, except for amendments to §§ 54.313(e)(2) and (f)(1), 54.503(c)(1), and 54.504(a)(1)(iii), which are subject to the PRA and OMB approval of the information collection requirements. FCC will publish a document in the Federal Register announcing the effective date. The amendments to §§ 54.308(b), 54.309(b), 54.505(b)(3) introductory text and (b)(3)(i), and 54.507(a) introductory text, (a)(1), and (c) are effective on July 1, 2015; and amendments to §§ 54.505(b) introductory text, (c), and (f) and 54.518 are effective on July 1, 2016.
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      Petition for reconsideration.
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