47 CFR 61.74 - References to other instruments.

§ 61.74 References to other instruments.

(a) Except as otherwise provided in this and other sections of this part, no tariff publication filed with the Commission may make reference to any other tariff publication or to any other document or instrument.

(b) Tariffs for end-on-end through services may reference the tariffs of other carriers participating in the offering.

(c) Tariffs may reference concurrences for the purpose of starting where rates or regulations applicable to a service not governed by the tariff may be found.

(d) Tariffs may reference other FCC tariffs that are in effect and on file with the Commission for purposes of determining mileage, or specifying the operating centers at which a specific service is available.

(e) Tariffs may reference technical publications which describe the engineering, specifications, or other technical aspects of a service offering, provided the following conditions are satisfied:

(1) The tariff must contain a general description of the service offering, including basic parameters and structural elements of the offering;

(2) The technical publication includes no rates, regulatory terms, or conditions which are required to be contained in the tariff, and any revisions to the technical publication do not affect rates, regulatory terms, or conditions included in the tariff, and do not change the basic nature of the offering;

(3) The tariff indicates where the technical publication can be obtained;

(4) The referenced technical publication is publicly available before the tariff is scheduled to take effect; and

(5) The issuing carrier regularly revises its tariff to refer to the current edition of the referenced technical publication.

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