47 CFR 64.1402 - Rights and responsibilities of interconnectors.

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§ 64.1402 Rights and responsibilities of interconnectors.

(a) For the purposes of this subpart, an interconnector means a party taking expanded interconnection offerings. Any party shall be eligible to be an interconnector.

(b) Interconnectors shall have the right, under expanded interconnection, to interconnect their fiber optic systems and, where reasonably feasible, their microwave transmission facilities.

(c) Interconnectors shall not be allowed to use interstate special access expanded interconnection offerings to connect their transmission facilities with the local exchange carrier's interstate switched services until that local exchange carrier's tariffs implementing expanded interconnection for switched transport have become effective.

[ 57 FR 54331, Nov. 18, 1992, as amended at 61 FR 43160, Aug. 21, 1996]