47 CFR § 69.114 - Special access.

§ 69.114 Special access.

(a) Appropriate subelements shall be established for the use of equipment or facilities that are assigned to the Special Access element for purposes of apportioning net investment, or that are equivalent to such equipment or facilities for companies subject to price cap regulation as that term is defined in § 61.3(ff) of this chapter.

(b) Charges for all subelements shall be designed to produce total annual revenue that is equal to the projected annual revenue requirement for the Special Access element.

(c) Charges for an individual element shall be assessed upon all interexchange carriers that use the equipment or facilities that are included within such subelement.

(d) Charges for individual subelements shall be designed to reflect cost differences among subelements in a manner that complies with applicable Commission rules or decisions.

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