47 CFR § 69.601 - Exchange carrier association.

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§ 69.601 Exchange carrier association.

(a) An association shall be established in order to prepare and file access charge tariffs on behalf of all telephone companies that do not file separate tariffs or concur in a joint access tariff of another telephone company for all access elements.

(b) All telephone companies that participate in the distribution of Carrier Common Line revenue requirement, pay long term support to association Common Line tariff participants, or receive payments from the transitional support fund administered by the association shall be deemed to be members of the association.

(c) All data submissions to the association required by this title shall be accompanied by the following certification statement signed by the officer or employee responsible for the overall preparation for the data submission:


I am (title of certifying officer or employee). I hereby certify that I have overall responsibility for the preparation of all data in the attached data submission for (name of carrier) and that I am authorized to execute this certification. Based on information known to me or provided to me by employees responsible for the preparation of the data in this submission, I hereby certify that the data have been examined and reviewed and are complete, accurate, and consistent with the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.

(Persons making willful false statements in this data submission can be punished by fine or imprisonment under the provisions of the U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 1001).
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