47 CFR § 73.1001 - Scope.

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§ 73.1001 Scope.

(a) The rules in this subpart are common to all AM, FM, TV and Class A TV broadcast services, commercial and noncommercial.

(b) Rules in part 73 applying exclusively to a particular broadcast service are contained in the following: AM, subpart A; FM, subpart B; Noncommercial Educational FM, subpart C; TV, subpart E; LPFM, subpart G; and Class A TV, subpart J.

(c) Certain provisions of this subpart apply to International Broadcast Stations (subpart F, part 73), LPFM (subpart G, part 73), and Low Power TV, TV Translator and TV Booster Stations (subpart G, part 74) where the rules for those services so provide.

(d) The provisions of this part applying to licensees also apply to holders of construction permits (permittees).

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