47 CFR § 73.1150 - Transferring a station.

§ 73.1150 Transferring a station.

(a) In transferring a broadcast station, the licensee may retain no right of reversion of the license, no right to reassignment of the license in the future, and may not reserve the right to use the facilities of the station for any period whatsoever.

(b) No license, renewal of license, assignment of license or transfer of control of a corporate licensee will be granted or authorized if there is a contract, arrangement or understanding, express or implied, pursuant to which, as consideration or partial consideration for the assignment or transfer, such rights, as stated in paragraph (a) of this section, are retained.

(c) Licensees and/or permittees authorized to operate in the 535-1605 kHz and in the 1605-1705 kHz band pursuant to the Report and Order in MM Docket No. 87-267 will not be permitted to assign or transfer control of the license or permit for a single frequency during the period that joint operation is authorized.

(d) Authorizations awarded pursuant to the noncommercial educational point system in subpart K are subject to the holding period in § 73.7005. Applications for an assignment or transfer filed prior to the end of the holding period must demonstrate the factors enumerated therein.

[44 FR 58720, Oct. 11, 1979, as amended at 56 FR 64872, Dec. 12, 1991; 65 FR 36378, June 8, 2000]

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