47 CFR § 73.3544 - Application to obtain a modified station license.

§ 73.3544 Application to obtain a modified station license.

Where prior authority from the FCC is not required to make certain changes in the station authorization or facilities, but a modified station license must be obtained, the following procedures shall be used to obtain modification of the station license:

(a) The changes specified in § 73.1690(c) may be made by the filing of a license application using the forms listed in § 73.3536(b)(1).

(b) An informal application, see § 73.3511(b), may be filed with the FCC in Washington, DC, Attention: Audio Division (radio) or Video Services Division (television), Media Bureau, to cover the following changes:

(1) A correction of the routing instructions and description of an AM station directional antenna system field monitoring point, when the point itself is not changed.

(2) A change in the type of AM station directional antenna monitor. See § 73.69.

(3) The location of a remote control point of an AM or FM station when prior authority to operate by remote control is not required.

(c) A change in the name of the licensee where no change in ownership or control is involved may be accomplished by written notification by the licensee to the Commission.

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