47 CFR § 73.3564 - Acceptance of applications.

§ 73.3564 Acceptance of applications.


(1) Applications tendered for filing are dated upon receipt and then forwarded to the Media Bureau, where an administrative examination is made to ascertain whether the applications are complete. Except for applications for minor modifications of facilities in the non-reserved FM band, as defined in § 73.3573(a)(2), long form applications subject to the provisions of § 73.5005 found to be complete or substantially complete are accepted for filing and are given file numbers. In the case of minor defects as to completeness, a deficiency letter will be issued and the applicant will be required to supply the missing or corrective information. Applications that are not substantially complete will not be considered and will be returned to the applicant.

(2) In the case of minor modifications of facilities in the non-reserved FM band, applications will be placed on public notice if they meet the following two-tiered minimum filing requirements as initially filed in first-come/first-serve proceedings:

(i) The application must include:

(A) Applicant's name and address,

(B) Applicant's signature,

(C) Principal community,

(D) Channel or frequency,

(E) Class of station, and

(F) Transmitter site coordinates; and

(ii) The application must not omit more than three of the following second-tier items:

(A) A list of the other media interests of the applicant and its principals,

(B) Certification of compliance with the alien ownership provisions contained in 47 U.S.C. 310(b),

(C) Tower/antenna heights,

(D) Effective radiated power,

(E) Whether the antenna is directional or omnidirectional, and

(F) An exhibit demonstrating compliance with the contour protection requirements of 47 CFR 73.215, if applicable.

(3) Applications found not to meet minimum filing requirements will be returned to the applicant. Applications found to meet minimum filing requirements, but that contain deficiencies in tender and/or acceptance information, shall be given an opportunity for corrective amendment pursuant to 73.3522 of this part. Applications found to be substantially complete and in accordance with the Commission's core legal and technical requirements will be accepted for filing. Applications with uncorrected tender and/or acceptance defects remaining after the opportunity for corrective amendment will be dismissed with no further opportunity for amendment.

(b) Acceptance of an application for filing merely means that it has been the subject of a preliminary review by the FCC's administrative staff as to completeness. Such acceptance will not preclude the subsequent dismissal of the application if it is found to be patently not in accordance with the FCC's rules.

(c) At regular intervals, the FCC will issue a Public Notice listing all long form applications which have been accepted for filing. Pursuant to §§ 73.3571(h), 73.3572, and 73.3573(f), such notice shall establish a cut-off date for the filing of petitions to deny. With respect to reserved band FM applications, the Public Notice shall also establish a cut-off date for the filing of mutually exclusive applications pursuant to § 73.3573(e). However, no application will be accepted for filing unless certification of compliance with the local notice requirements of § 73.3580(h) has been made in the tendered application.

(d) The FCC will specify by Public Notice, pursuant to § 73.5002, a period for filing applications for new stations or for major modifications in the facilities of an existing station. Except for reserved band FM stations and TV stations on reserved noncommercial educational channels, applications for new and major modifications in facilities will be accepted only during these window filing periods specified by the Commission.

(e) Applications for minor modification of facilities may be tendered at any time, unless restricted by the FCC. These applications will be processed on a “first come/first served” basis and will be treated as simultaneously tendered if filed on the same day. Any applications received after the filing of a lead application will be grouped according to filing date, and placed in a queue behind the lead applicant. The FCC will periodically release a Public Notice listing those minor modification of facilities applications accepted for filing.

(f) If a non-reserved band FM channel allotment becomes vacant, after the grant of a construction permit becomes final, because of a lapsed construction permit or for any other reason, the FCC will, by Public Notice, announce a subsequent filing window for the acceptance of new applications for such channels.

(g) Applications for operation in the 1605-1705 kHz band will be accepted only if filed pursuant to the terms of § 73.30(b).

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