47 CFR § 73.61 - AM directional antenna field strength measurements.

§ 73.61 AM directional antenna field strength measurements.

(a) Each AM station using a directional antenna with monitoring point locations specified in the instrument of authorization must make field strength measurements as often as necessary to ensure that the field at each of those points does not exceed the value specified in the station authorization. Additionally, stations not having an approved sampling system must make the measurements once each calendar quarter at intervals not exceeding 120 days. The provision of this paragraph supersedes any schedule specified on a station license issued prior to January 1, 1986. The results of the measurements are to be entered into the station log pursuant to the provisions of § 73.1820.

(b) If the AM license was granted on the basis of field strength measurements performed pursuant to § 73.151(a), partial proof of performance measurements using the procedures described in § 73.154 must be made whenever the licensee has reason to believe that the radiated field may be exceeding the limits for which the station was most recently authorized to operate.

(c) A station may be directed to make a partial proof of performance by the FCC whenever there is an indication that the antenna is not operating as authorized.

[50 FR 47054, Nov. 14, 1985, as amended at 73 FR 64560, Oct. 30, 2008]

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