47 CFR § 73.712 - Equipment tests.

§ 73.712 Equipment tests.

(a) During the process of construction of an international broadcasting station, the permittee, having obtained authorization for frequencies and hours as set forth in the Note to § 73.702(d) may, without further authority of the FCC, conduct equipment tests for the purpose of such adjustments and measurements as may be necessary to assure compliance with the terms of the construction permit, the technical provisions of the application therefor and the rules and regulations. Such tests shall use voice identification and test tones only. No programming shall be conducted during equipment tests.

(b) The Commission may notify the permittee to conduct no tests or may cancel, suspend, or change the date for the beginning of equipment tests when and if such action may appear to be in the public interest, convenience, and necessity.

(c) Equipment tests may be continued so long as the construction permit shall remain valid: Provided, however, That the procedure set forth in paragraph (a) of this section must be repeated prior to the conducting of such tests in each season after the season in which the testing began.

(d) The authorization for tests embodied in this section shall not be construed as constituting a license to operate but as a necessary part of construction.

[28 FR 13696, Dec. 14, 1963, as amended at 37 FR 25842, Dec. 5, 1972. Redesignated and amended at 38 FR 18894, July 16, 1973; 47 FR 40174, Sept. 13, 1982]