47 CFR § 73.877 - Station logs for LPFM stations.

§ 73.877 Station logs for LPFM stations.

The licensee of each LPFM station must maintain a station log. Each log entry must include the time and date of observation and the name of the person making the entry. The following information must be entered in the station log:

(a) Any extinguishment or malfunction of the antenna structure obstruction lighting, adjustments, repairs, or replacement to the lighting system, or related notification to the FAA. See §§ 17.48 and 73.49 of this chapter.

(b) Brief explanation of station outages due to equipment malfunction, servicing, or replacement;

(c) Operations not in accordance with the station license; and

(d) EAS weekly log requirements set forth in § 11.61(a)(1)(v) of this chapter.

[65 FR 67304, Nov. 9, 2000]