47 CFR § 74.1250 - Transmitters and associated equipment.

§ 74.1250 Transmitters and associated equipment.

(a) FM translator and booster transmitting apparatus, and exciters employed to provide a locally generated and modulated input signal to translator and booster equipment, used by stations authorized under the provisions of this subpart must be certified upon the request of any manufacturer of transmitters in accordance with this section and subpart J of part 2 of this chapter. In addition, FM translator and booster stations may use FM broadcast transmitting apparatus authorized via Supplier's Declaration of Conformity or approved under the provisions of part 73 of this chapter.

Note 1 to paragraph (a):

The Declaration of Conformity procedure has been replaced by Supplier's Declaration of Conformity. Equipment previously authorized under subpart J of part 2 of this chapter may remain in use. See § 2.950 of this chapter.

(b) Transmitting antennas, antennas used to receive signals to be rebroadcast, and transmission lines are not subject to the requirement for certification.

(c) The following requirements must be met before translator, booster or exciter equipment will be certified in accordance with this section:

(1) Radio frequency harmonics and spurious emissions must conform with the specifications of § 74.1236 of this part.

(2) The local oscillator or oscillators, including those in an exciter employed to provide a locally generated and modulated input signal to a translator or booster, when subjected to variations in ambient temperature between minus 30 degrees and plus 50 degrees centigrade, and in primary supply voltage between 85 percent and 115 percent of the rated value, shall be sufficiently stable to maintain the output center frequency within plus or minus 0.005 percent of the operating frequency and to enable conformance with the specifications of § 74.1261 of this part.

(3) The apparatus shall contain automatic circuits to maintain the power output in conformance with § 74.1235(e) of this part. If provision is included for adjusting the power output, then the normal operating constants shall be specified for operation at both the rated power output and the minimum power output at which the apparatus is designed to operate. The apparatus shall be equipped with suitable meters or meter jacks so that the operating constants can be measured while the apparatus is in operation.

(4) Apparatus rated for transmitter power output of more than 1 watt shall be equipped with automatic circuits to place it in a nonradiating condition when no input signal is being received in conformance with § 74.1263(b) of this part and to transmit the call sign in conformance with § 74.1283(c)(2) of this part.

(5) For exciters, automatic means shall be provided for limiting the level of the audio frequency voltage applied to the modulator to ensure that a frequency swing in excess of 75 kHz will not occur under any condition of the modulation.

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