47 CFR § 74.1284 - Rebroadcasts.

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§ 74.1284 Rebroadcasts.

(a) The term rebroadcast means the reception by radio of the programs or other signals of a radio station and the simultaneous retransmission of such programs or signals for direct reception by the general public.

(b) The licensee of an FM translator shall not rebroadcast the programs of any AM or FM broadcast station or other FM translator without obtaining prior consent of the primary station whose programs are proposed to be retransmitted. The Commission shall be notified of the call letters of each station rebroadcast and the licensee of the FM translator shall certify that written consent has been received from the licensee of the station whose programs are retransmitted.

(c) An FM translator is not authorized to rebroadcast the transmissions of any class of station other than an AM or FM broadcast station or another FM translator.

[35 FR 15388, Oct. 2, 1970, as amended at 74 FR 45130, Sept. 1, 2009]