47 CFR § 76.1200 - Definitions.

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§ 76.1200 Definitions.

As used in this subpart:

(a) Multichannel video programming system. A distribution system that makes available for purchase, by customers or subscribers, multiple channels of video programming other than an open video system as defined by § 76.1500(a). Such systems include, but are not limited to, cable television systems, BRS/EBS systems, direct broadcast satellite systems, other systems for providing direct-to-home multichannel video programming via satellite, and satellite master antenna systems.

(b) Multichannel video programming distributor. A person such as, but not limited to, a cable operator, a BRS/EBS provider, a direct broadcast satellite service, or a television receive-only satellite program distributor, who owns or operates a multichannel video programming system.

(c) Navigation devices. Devices such as converter boxes, interactive communications equipment, and other equipment used by consumers to access multichannel video programming and other services offered over multichannel video programming systems.

(d) Affiliate. A person or entity that (directly or indirectly) owns or controls, is owned or controlled by, or is under common ownership or control with, another person, as defined in the notes accompanying § 76.501.

(e) Conditional access. The mechanisms that provide for selective access and denial of specific services and make use of signal security that can prevent a signal from being received except by authorized users.

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