47 CFR § 76.916 - Petition for recertification.

§ 76.916 Petition for recertification.

(a) After its request for certification has been denied or its existing certification has been revoked, a franchising authority wishing to assume jurisdiction to regulate basic service and associated equipment rates must file a “Petition for Recertification” accompanied by a copy of the earlier decision denying or revoking certification.

(b) The petition must:

(1) Meet the requirements set forth in 47 U.S.C. 543(a)(3);

(2) State that the cable system is not subject to effective competition; and

(3) Contain a clear showing, supported by either objectively verifiable data such as a state statute, or by affidavit, that the reasons for the earlier denial or revocation no longer pertain.

(c) The petition must be served on the cable operator and on any interested party that participated in the proceeding denying or revoking the original certification.

(d) Oppositions may be filed within 15 days after the petition is filed, and must be served on the petitioner. Replies may be filed within seven days of filing of oppositions, and must be served on the opposing party(ies).