47 CFR § 80.95 - Message charges.

§ 80.95 Message charges.

(a) Except as specified in § 20.15(c) of this chapter with respect to commercial mobile radio service providers, charges must not be made for service of:

(1) Any public coast station unless tariffs for the service are on file with the Commission;

(2) Any station other than a public coast station or an Alaska - public fixed station, except cooperatively shared stations covered by § 80.503;

(3) Distress calls and related traffic; and

(4) Navigation hazard warnings preceded by the SAFETY signal.

(b) The licensee of each ship station is responsible for the payment of all charges accruing to any other station(s) or facilities for the handling or forwarding of messages or communications transmitted by that station.

(c) In order to be included in the ITU List of Coast Stations public coast stations must recognize international Accounting Authority Identification Codes (AAIC) for purposes of billing and accounts settlement in accordance with Article 66 of the Radio Regulations. Stations which elect not to recognize international AAIC's will be removed from the ITU List of Coast Stations.

[51 FR 31213, Sept. 2, 1986, as amended at 52 FR 35244, Sept. 18, 1987; 69 FR 64671, Nov. 8, 2004]