47 CFR § 80.959 - Radiotelephone transmitter.

§ 80.959 Radiotelephone transmitter.

(a) The transmitter must be capable of transmission of G3E emission on the required frequencies.

(b) The transmitter must deliver a carrier power of between 10 watts and 25 watts into 50 ohms nominal resistance when operated with its rated supply voltage. The transmitter must be capable of readily reducing the carrier power to one watt or less.

(c) To demonstrate the capability of the transmitter, measurements of primary supply voltage and transmitter output power must be made with the equipment operating on the vessel's main power supply, as follows:

(1) The primary supply voltage measured at the power input terminals to the transmitter terminated in a matching artificial load, must be measured at the end of 10 minutes of continuous operation of the transmitter at its rated power output.

(2) The primary supply voltage, measured in accordance with the procedures of this paragraph, must be not less than 11.5 volts.

(3) The transmitter at full output power measured in accordance with the procedure of this paragraph must not be less than 10 watts.

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