47 CFR § 87.307 - Cooperative use of facilities.

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§ 87.307 Cooperative use of facilities.

(a) The Commission will license only one flight test land station per airport, except as provided in paragraph (d) of this section.

(b) Flight test land stations located at an airport are required to provide service without discrimination, on a cooperative maintenance basis, to anyone eligible for a flight test station license.

(c) When the licensee of a flight test land station intends to conduct flight tests at an area served by another flight test land station, which may result in interference, the licensees must coordinate their schedules in advance. If no agreement is reached, the Commission will determine the time division upon request by either licensee.

(d) Applicants for an additional flight test land station at an airport where such a station is already authorized may be required to submit a factual showing to include the following:

(1) Reasons why shared use of the currently licensed flight test land station is not possible; and

(2) Results of coordination with the current licensee of the flight test station at the airport demonstrating that an additional station can be accommodated without significant degradation of the reliability of existing facilities.

[53 FR 28940, Aug. 1, 1988, as amended at 63 FR 68958, Dec. 14, 1998]