47 CFR § 87.323 - Frequencies.

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§ 87.323 Frequencies.

(a) 121.500 MHz: Emergency and distress only.

(b) The frequencies 121.950, 123.300 and 123.500 MHz are available for assignment to aviation support stations used for pilot training, coordination of lighter-than-air aircraft operations, or coordination of soaring or free ballooning activities. Applicants for 121.950 MHz must coordinate their proposal with the appropriate FAA Regional Spectrum Management Office. The application must specify the FAA Region notified and the date notified. Applicants for aviation support land stations may request frequency(ies) based upon their eligibility although the Commission reserves the right to specify the frequency of assignment. Aviation support mobile stations will be assigned 123.300 and 123.500 MHz. However, aviation support mobile stations must operate only on a noninterference basis to communications between aircraft and aviation support land stations.

(c) The frequency 122.775 MHz and, secondary to aeronautical multicom stations, the frequency 122.850 MHz are available for assignment to aviation support stations. These frequencies may be used for communications between aviation service organizations and aircraft in the airport area. These frequencies must not be used for air traffic control purposes or to transmit information pertaining to runway, wind or weather conditions.

(d) The frequency 3281.0 kHz is available for assignment to aviation support stations used for coordination of lighter-than-air aircraft operations.

[53 FR 28940, Aug. 1, 1988, as amended at 63 FR 68958, Dec. 14, 1998]