47 CFR § 90.405 - Permissible communications.

§ 90.405 Permissible communications.

(a) Stations licensed under this part may transmit only the following types of communication:

(1) Any communication related directly to the imminent safety-of-life or property;

(2) Communications directly related and necessary to those activities which make the licensee eligible for the station license held under this part. In addition, when communication service is provided under the cooperative sharing provisions of § 90.179, the licensee providing such service may transmit communications related to the activities for which the parties receiving the service would be eligible to be licensed.

(3) Communications for testing purposes required for proper station and system maintenance. However, each licensee shall keep such tests to a minimum and shall employ every measure to avoid harmful interference.

(b) The provisions contained in paragraph (a) of this section do not apply where a single base station licensee has been authorized to use a channel above 470 MHz on an exclusive basis, or to stations licensed under this part that are classified as CMRS providers under part 20 of this chapter.

[50 FR 6182, Feb. 14, 1985, as amended at 59 FR 59965, Nov. 21, 1994]

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