47 CFR § 90.494 - Paging operations on shared channels in the 929-930 MHz band.

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§ 90.494 Paging operations on shared channels in the 929-930 MHz band.

(a) This section applies to licensing of paging stations on the shared (non-exclusive) channels in the 929-930 MHz band. The center frequencies of these channels are listed in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) The following frequencies are available to all eligible part 90 users for one-way paging systems on a shared basis only and will not be assigned for the exclusive use of any licensee.


(c) All frequencies listed in this section may be used to provide one-way paging communications to persons eligible for licensing under subpart B or C of this part, representatives of Federal Government agencies, individuals, and foreign governments and their representatives. The provisions of § 90.173(b) apply to all frequencies listed in this section.

(d) Licensees on these frequencies may utilize any type of paging operation desired (tone only, tone-voice, digital, tactile, optical readout, etc.).

(e) There shall be no minimum or maximum loading standards for these frequencies.

(f) The effective radiated power for base stations providing paging service on the shared channels must not exceed 3500 watts.

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