47 CFR § 90.663 - MTA-based SMR system operations.

§ 90.663 MTA-based SMR system operations.

(a) MTA-based licensees authorized in the 896–901/935–940 MHz band pursuant to § 90.661 may construct and operate base stations using any frequency identified in their spectrum block anywhere within their authorized MTA, provided that:

(1) The MTA licensee affords protection, in accordance with § 90.621(b), to all sites for which applications were filed on or prior to August 9, 1994.

(2) The MTA licensee complies with any rules and international agreements that restrict use of frequencies identified in their spectrum block, including the provisions of § 90.619 relating to U.S./Canadian and U.S./Mexican border areas.

(3) The MTA licensee limits its field strength at any location on the border of the MTA service area in accordance with § 90.671 and masks its emissions in accordance with § 90.669.

(b) In the event that the authorization for a previously authorized co-channel station within the MTA licensee's authorized spectrum block is terminated or revoked, the MTA licensee's co-channel obligations to such station will cease upon deletion of the facility from the Commission's licensing record. The MTA licensee then will be able to construct and operate base stations using such frequency.

[60 FR 21991, May 4, 1995]