47 CFR § 90.683 - EA-based SMR system operations.

§ 90.683 EA-based SMR system operations.

(a) EA-based licensees authorized in the 809–824/854–869 MHz band pursuant to § 90.681 of this part may construct and operate base stations using any of the base station frequencies identified in their spectrum block anywhere within their authorized EA, provided that:

(1) The EA licensee affords protection, in accordance with § 90.621(b), to all previously authorized co-channel stations that are not associated with another EA license;

(2) The EA licensee complies with any rules and international agreements that restrict use of frequencies identified in their spectrum block, including the provisions of § 90.619 relating to U.S./Canadian and U.S./Mexican border areas;

(3) The EA licensee limits the field strength of its base stations at any location on the border of the EA service area in accordance with § 90.689;

(4) Upon request by an incumbent licensee or the Commission, the EA licensees shall furnish the technical parameters, location and coordinates of the completion of the addition, removal, relocation or modification of any of its facilities within the EA. The EA licensee must provide such information within ten (10) days of receiving a written request.

(5) For any construction or alteration that would exceed the requirements of § 17.7 of this chapter, licensees must notify the appropriate Regional Office of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Form 7460–1) and file a request for antenna height clearance and obstruction marking and lighting specifications (FCC Forn 854) with the FCC, WTB, Support Services Branch, Gettysburg, PA 17325.

(6) Any additional transmitters placed in operation must not have a significant environmental effect as defined by §§ 1.1301 through 1.1319 of this chapter.

(b) In the event that the authorization for a previously authorized co-channel station within the EA licensee's spectrum block is terminated or revoked, the EA licensee's co-channel obligations to such station will cease upon deletion of the facility from the Commission's official licensing records, and the EA licensee then will be able to construct and operate without regard to that previous authorization.

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