47 CFR § 90.727 - Extended implementation schedules for Phase I licensees.

§ 90.727 Extended implementation schedules for Phase I licensees.

Except for nationwide and commercial systems, a period of up to three (3) years may be authorized for constructing and placing a system in operation if:

(a) The applicant submits justification for an extended implementation period. The justification must include reasons for requiring an extended construction period, the proposed construction schedule (with milestones), and must show either that:

(1) The proposed system will serve a large fleet of mobile units and will involve a multi-year cycle for its planning, approval, funding, purchase, and construction; or

(2) The proposed system will require longer than 8 months to place in operation because of its purpose, size, or complexity; or

(3) The proposed system is to be part of a coordinated or integrated area-wide system which will require more than 8 months to construct; or

(4) The applicant is a local governmental agency and demonstrates that the government involved is required by law to follow a multi-year cycle for planning, approval, funding, and purchasing the proposed system.

(b) Authorizations under this section are conditioned upon the licensee's compliance with the submitted extended implementation schedule. Failure to meet the schedule will result in loss of authorizations for facilities not constructed.

[56 FR 19603, Apr. 29, 1991, as amended at 56 FR 32517, July 17, 1991]