47 CFR § 95.2131 - Permissible LPRS uses.

§ 95.2131 Permissible LPRS uses.

LPRS stations may be used to transmit voice, data, or tracking signals, as appropriate, to provide:

(a) Auditory assistance communications (including, but not limited to, applications such as assistive listening devices, audio description for the blind, and simultaneous language translation) for:

(1) Individuals with disabilities;

(2) Individuals who require language translation; or

(3) Individuals who may otherwise benefit from auditory assistance communications in educational settings.

(b) Health care related communications for the ill;

(c) Law enforcement tracking signals (for homing or interrogation) including the tracking of persons or stolen goods under authority or agreement with a law enforcement agency (Federal, state, or local) having jurisdiction in the area where the transmitters are placed;

(d) Point-to-point network control communications for AMTS licensed under part 80 of this chapter.