47 CFR § 95.2569 - MedRadio field strength measurements.

§ 95.2569 MedRadio field strength measurements.

Compliance with MedRadio equivalent isotropic radiated power (M-EIRP) limits can be determined by measuring the radiated field strength from the transmitter type, in accordance with the rules in this section.

(a) Radiated field strength values corresponding to the M-EIRP limits in § 95.2567 are given in the table in this paragraph, for an open area test site, and for a test site equivalent to free space, such as a fully anechoic test chamber. Field strength is measured at a distance of 3 meters from the equipment under test.

1 mW 115.1 57.55
25 μW 18.2 9.1
250 nW 1.8 0.9
100 nW 1.2 0.6

(b) Compliance with the maximum transmitter power requirements in § 95.2567 is based on measurements using a peak detector function and measured over an interval of time when transmission is continuous and at its maximum power level. In lieu of using a peak detector function, measurement procedures that have been found to be acceptable to the FCC in accordance with § 2.947 of this chapter may be used to demonstrate compliance.

(c) For a MedRadio transmitter intended to be implanted in a human body, radiated emissions and M-EIRP measurements for transmissions by stations authorized under this section may be made in accordance with an FCC-approved human body simulator and test technique. Guidance regarding dielectric parameters for the tissue-equivalent material can be found in the Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Laboratory Division Knowledge Database (KDB).

[82 FR 41104, Aug. 29, 2017, as amended at 86 FR 53566, Sept. 28, 2021]