47 CFR § 95.371 - Emission types.

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§ 95.371 Emission types.

In general, Personal Radio Services stations may transmit any emission type that is appropriate for the permissible uses of the specific service, provided that it does not exceed the authorized bandwidth for that service and is in full compliance with the modulation limits (if any) and unwanted emission limits for the specific service.

(a) Exceptions. In some of the Personal Radio Services, stations may transmit only certain specific emission types. Any such limits are set forth in the emission types rule in the subpart governing that service. See e.g., §§ 95.971 and 95.2971.

(b) Emission type designators. Emission type designators are defined in § 2.201 of this chapter. Designators for emissions commonly used in the Personal Radio Services are as follows:

Description Designator
Voice, AM A3E
Voice, SSB J3E
Voice, FM F3E
Voice, PM G3E
Data, FSK F1D
Data, AFSK F2D
Data, PSK G1D
Test, no modulation N0N