47 CFR § 95.949 - CBRS network connection.

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A CBRS station may be connected, acoustically or electrically, to the public switched network, subject to the rules in this section. The purpose of this is to allow operators of other CBRS stations to speak to and hear individuals on the telephone through the connected CBRS station.

(a) The operator of the connected CBRS station must:

(1) Manually make the connection;

(2) Continue to control the station while it is connected;

(3) Listen to each conversation during the connection; and

(4) Stop transmissions immediately if any violation of the CBRS rules occurs.

(b) If a CBRS station is directly (electrically) connected to the public switched network, the connection, including the interface device used, must be in full compliance with all applicable rules in part 68 of this chapter.