48 CFR § 1.201-2 - FAR Secretariat.

1.201-2 FAR Secretariat.

(a) The General Services Administration is responsible for establishing and operating the FAR Secretariat to publish and distribute the FAR through the Code of Federal Regulations system (including a separate online edition with periodic updates).

(b) Additionally, the FAR Secretariat shall provide the two councils with centralized services for—

(1) Keeping a synopsis of current FAR cases and their status;

(2) Maintaining official files;

(3) Assisting parties interested in reviewing the files on completed cases; and

(4) Performing miscellaneous administrative tasks pertaining to the maintenance of the FAR.

[48 FR 42103, Sept. 19, 1983, as amended at 62 FR 40236, July 25, 1997; 85 FR 67614, Oct. 23, 2020]