48 CFR § 1.704 - Content.

1.704 Content.

Each D&F shall set forth enough facts and circumstances to clearly and convincingly justify the specific determination made. As a minimum, each D&F shall include, in the prescribed agency format, the following information:

(a) Identification of the agency and of the contracting activity and specific identifications of the document as a Determination and Findings.

(b) Nature and/or description of the action being approved.

(c) Citation of the appropriate statute and/or regulation upon which the D&F is based.

(d) Findings that detail the particular circumstances, facts, or reasoning essential to support the determination. Necessary supporting documentation shall be obtained from appropriate requirements and technical personnel.

(e) A determination, based on the findings, that the proposed action is justified under the applicable statute or regulation.

(f) Expiration date of the D&F, if required (see 1.706(b)).

(g) The signature of the official authorized to sign the D&F (see 1.706) and the date signed.