48 CFR § 13.001 - Definitions.

13.001 Definitions.

As used in this part—

Authorized individual means a person who has been granted authority, in accordance with agency procedures, to acquire supplies and services in accordance with this part.

Governmentwide commercial purchase card means a purchase card, similar in nature to a commercial credit card, issued to authorized agency personnel to use to acquire and to pay for supplies and services.

Imprest fund means a cash fund of a fixed amount established by an advance of funds, without charge to an appropriation, from an agency finance or disbursing officer to a duly appointed cashier, for disbursement as needed from time to time in making payment in cash for relatively small amounts.

Third party draft means an agency bank draft, similar to a check, that is used to acquire and to pay for supplies and services. (See Treasury Financial Management Manual, Section 3040.70.)

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